Battleship YAMATO

Battleship YAMATO

1/200 Scale IJN Battleship Yamato model kit

About the Model
215 No. 19 of Yamato is a top-secret Army Depot Kure drawing on February 7, 1944 for renovation of the Kure Naval Arsenal Ship plastic model -220 are made based on the exact number of such drawings.
Type is a grand-scale reproduction of a firearm during placed No. 1 operational Jie.
Model Dimensions
Length: 1315mm, Width: 188mm, Tamotsu Takashi: 271mm
The manual is in Japanese only.

Please check the size of the Youtude.

The kit for a long time, and ease of making the same old. There are other places that require processing of Bali is one of the fun of making it as well.

They become part pedestal plating enhances the impression at the time of completion. The zero type water reconnaissance aircraft, spacecraft also comes with a zero type water.

The deck is divided into two parts. You can reproduce the wooden deck, it would more mature.

Come, one of the largest in the Model Kit Please try to make 1/200 IJN Battleship Yamato!

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